Review of Vasque Men’s Clarion GTX Hiking Boot

Product Specification of Vasque Men’s Clarion GTX Hiking Boot :

  • It comes in two colors – Brown and Green
  • Has Rubber Sole
  • Lightweight as it has cloth inside with leather on the outside
  • It has Special V-lug rubber sole
  • Is great for backpacking and hiking in all condition
  • Waterproof design that enables it to be used in wet conditions
  • Nubuck leather supports durability
  • The nylon panels used in the inside ensures sufficient ventilation as well as enhances it lightweight support
  • Has padded collars that can withstand pressure
  • No chance of aches as its Polyurethane Percussion Midsole system keeps the feet comfortable
  • Comes in following sizes – 7-15
  • It weights around 3lb and 1 oz
  • See Full Specs

Review of Vasque Men’s Clarion GTX Hiking Boot:

I have been using Vasque Men’s Clarion GTX Hiking Boot for quite some time now. I would recommend them to all as these boots are not only comfortable but also durable. I use them when it rains as well as when it snows and they have kept my feet completely dry. However, if I submerge them under water, water gets inside the boots. However, it was not like this when I first started using themI guess it happened as I have been using them regularly for quite some time. I would like to buy this same boot yet again. They have been my companion and have gone through hell. It really amazes me to see how sturdy and robust these boots are. They not only feel good but they also look good.

Most cases, I used to see that the bottom soles of my shoe tended to get worn out as I practically use them every day. The only bad thing is the nubuck color. Because of constant use, the nubuck color kind of looks trashed out.  Another negative thing that I have noticed is that the shoe lace eyelets tend to cut the shoe laces. So be sure to keep an extra shoe lace by your side.

I am really amazed by how comfortable they are. I can tell you this that you will not be disappointed by its performance. They are lightweight and therefore you will not feel uncomfortable while walking. Also, the soles are comfortable and will protect your feet from getting blisters and aches. It certainly is a great product to buy for yourself or a great gift for a friend.

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