Vasque Hiking Boots

Vasque, a Minnesota Outdoor footwear manufacturer, make some of the best hiking boots today. Vasque was founded in 1965 under the name of Voyageur and changed their name to Vasque in 1971. Vasque hiking boots are some of the best hiking boots in the world. Vasque places an emphasis on technology which rockets them to the forefront of outdoor footwear.

Vasque has a full line of trail running shoes, mountain climbing boots, Vasque hiking boots and crossover shoes. Many of Vasque’s shoes and hiking boots incorporate Vibram soles and Gortex fabric to keep your feet dry and on the trail. Recently they have been playing around with the BOA technology, a new advanced lacing system that makes hiking boots and shoes fit like they were made custom for your feet.

Their VST- Vasque Spine Technology provides you with shock absorption and stability when you need it the most. VST reduces heel impact and helps maintain a high level of cushioning throughout the life of Vasque hiking boots. They also carry many wide sizes in their most famous lines for those with broad feet. Vasque uses space-age gels, premium foot leather plus they place a high value on fit and comfort.

Vasque is also a big supporter of trail races and sponsors trail races throughout the United States. You can find Vasque being worn by many of the top trail runners and alpinists. The Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boot just turned 25 years old and the line is still going strong. The Sundowner’s longevity is quite impressive for a hiking boot in this day and age. Vasque hiking boots are high boots, and you should consider them when shopping for new boots.


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