Vasque Sundowner Classic GTX Hiking Boots

The Vasque Sundowner Classic GTX Hiking Boots is just that a classic. Vasque claims the Sundowner was “The Boot That Built the Brand” and there is obviously a good reason why. The Vasque Sundowner Classic was created over 25 years ago and the brand is still going strong. Known for its durability, many hikers have reported these boots have lasted for up to 10 years and quite a few are on their 2nd and 3rd pair.

The Vasque Sundowner Classic was one of the first hiking boots to use cement construction rather then welt construction which drastically reduces the weight of a hiking boot. The one piece leather upper has 0 seams to allow moisture to enter the boot. The full leather upper combined with a Gor-Tex liner will leave you high and dry even in the most inclement of weather. The Vasque Sundowner Classic weights 3lb 6oz so they are not for hikers that have gone light weight. But for men that prefer a solid almost damage proof boot it is right up their alley.

The Vasque Sundowner Classic hiking boot requires a break in period but once broken in they are just as comfortable if not more than a tennis shoe. The hiking boot is built for serious backpacking but is just as usable for a day hike on the trail. Vasque has updated the original hiking boot with their Ultimate fit Technology and is available in wide sizes. Because of the classic style and durability the Sundowner hiking boot is very versatile. If you want a boot for hiking, work boot, a night on the town or even all three the Vasque Sundowner Classic is the perfect hiking boot for you.

  • Boot Weight: 3lb. 6 oz. each
  • Outsole: Vasque Classic
  • Last: Sundowner
  • Midsole: Medium Density Rubber
  • Liner: Gor-Tex
  • Technology:
    • Ultimate Fit
    • Ultimate Fit Widths


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